Design System for ScienceLogic

Elevating IT Management with a Unified Design Approach


ScienceLogic’s Behavioral Correlation is a sophisticated platform, serving IT professionals in managing complex IT environments. The challenge was to overhaul the user interface, making it more intuitive, efficient, and visually appealing, while meeting the stringent demands of the IT industry.

My Role

In this transformative project, my responsibilities encompassed every aspect of design system development, from conception to implementation:

Platform Diversity
Comprehensive Documentation
Visionary Leadership
Innovative Integration

I led the project from ideation to completion, shaping the design system’s vision and strategy.

The design system was designed to be versatile, catering to web, mobile, and responsive platforms.

I created a meticulously detailed design system and component library, emphasizing Sketch-based design components.

I oversaw the integration of the design system with Storybook, providing a seamless and efficient workflow for our development team.

The Solution

The ScienceLogic Design System was instrumental in elevating the user experience in numerous ways:


The design system ensured uniformity in design elements, fostering an intuitive and coherent user experience.


With a readily available component library, our development team saw an increase in efficiency and reduced development time.

Visionary Leadership

I created a meticulously detailed design system and component library, emphasizing Sketch-based design components.

Innovative Integration

The modular nature of the design system allowed us to swiftly respond to evolving user needs and industry trends.


The impact of this project was significant:

  • User Satisfaction: User feedback reflected substantial improvements in usability and overall satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Development: Development time was reduced significantly, enabling quicker feature delivery.
  • Market Competitiveness: ScienceLogic gained a competitive edge by providing a more user-friendly and efficient solution.


The ScienceLogic Design System project exemplifies my commitment to enhancing user experiences through systematic and research-driven design. It underscores my capability to lead transformative initiatives that deliver tangible results. This design system not only improved our product but also established a new standard for UX design within the organization.