• Web Development
  • SEO Expert
  • Digital Strategy Execution


  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Improved Accessibility
  • SEO Optimization
  • Content Management
  • Event Calendar
  • Social Media Management
  • Mobile-First Design

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As a multifaceted digital expert, I took the lead in revamping the Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) website, utilizing a broad range of skills to enhance user engagement and accessibility. My pivotal role encompassed web development, content management, social media optimization, SEO expertise, and the strategic implementation of Google Analytics. The results were transformative.

Traffic Surge

Traffic Surge Through SEO and Analytics

The outcome was nothing short of astounding, with an impressive 30% surge in website traffic and achieved an astounding 9,000 Google search impact in just 28 days.

Crafting a Comprehensive Digital Strategy for Engagement

Rooted in a commitment to user experience and accessibility, this strategy brought about a significant boost in engagement among our target personas. By closely aligning our digital presence with the preferences and needs of our audience, we established a more profound connection with the community we serve.

Empowering the Community with Environmental Calendar Management

Taking community engagement to a new level, I played a central role in managing the county’s environmental calendar of events. This initiative fostered active participation and interaction among community members, driving our mission to enhance the natural beauty of Prince William County.

Mobile-First Design for Inclusivity

Recognizing the importance of accessibility across all devices, I directed the design of mobile-first experiences. This strategic approach ensured that every user, regardless of their chosen device, could seamlessly access and interact with our digital resources.

Landing pages for each of the non-profit’s programs and services

The Outcome

Since my involvement, KPWB’s digital presence has undergone a remarkable transformation. Visitor traffic has surged by an impressive 61%, and page views have ascended by a notable 59%. These statistics affirm the substantial impact of our digital strategies and the resonance of our efforts with our audience.

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