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Rihanna – Rude Boy, new single.
Com ere rude boy boy can u git it up
Com ere rude boy boy is u big enough

my kinda woman!

No matter how rauncy some people thought this song was, it will always be my 2nd favorite on this album. Get it girlllll! LOVE this video.

Im LOVIN how women are speaking their minds these days. ppl are thinking its raunchy becos theyre not used to women saying what theyre thinking. this is how we think. women have been made out to be nothing because men thousands of yrs ago were so afraid of how powerful we are they made out we were evil. a woman’s sexuality is the most powerful thing on this planet! men pay for it, yearn for it, live for it. never underestimate a woman, you hav no idea what youre fucking with.

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