SNP Homepage Redesign - Dell Accessories

Transforming User Engagement and Boosting Conversions Through Modern Design

Solo Lead Product Designer
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This project revolved around transforming the SNP Homepage, a pivotal gateway to Dell accessories. As a solo lead product designer, I undertook the challenge of reimagining the user experience and design to enhance engagement and, consequently, conversion rates. The hypothesis was simple: by optimizing the design and making accessories more accessible, we could attract and retain users while boosting sales.

Problem Statement

The SNP Homepage had an outdated design, which resulted in a lengthy page that was less user-friendly. Our mission was clear: streamline the content presentation, give it a fresh and cleaner look, and, most importantly, place everything ‘above the fold,’ making it instantly accessible to users.

Critical Questions

We sought answers to critical questions: Were users buying more SNP products? Did the new design influence users to purchase different SNP products compared to the control group?

Success Metrics

We measured success using a combination of financial indicators and user engagement metrics. These included:


Focusing on Revenue Per Visitor (RPV), Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value (AOV).

Evaluating Exit Rate, Scroll Rate, Bounce Rate, and Average Time Spent on the page.
Customer Experience
Assessing how the changes affected user behavior, especially in terms of masthead usage.


Our redesigned SNP Homepage showed promising results. We observed increased engagement with the product tiles, suggesting that the new design successfully encouraged users to explore various categories. While engagement improved, the percentage of users moving on to make a purchase remained consistent.

On the user experience front, we were delighted to see that exit rates and the time users spent on the page remained stable. This indicated that our changes didn't negatively affect the customer experience. Remarkably, masthead usage dropped significantly, meaning fewer users navigated away from the SNP Homepage.

From a financial perspective, we recorded a significant improvement. More users added items to their carts and completed their purchases. Overall average order value increased, particularly driven by sales in systems. In financial terms, the revenue surge was largely attributed to systems, although SNP units also witnessed a slight uptick.


Our redesign achieved an important goal: encouraging users to engage more with the product tiles on the desktop, ultimately leading to increased sales. Notably, users ordering higher-value systems were also more likely to add SNP products to their cart. While mobile engagement wasn’t significantly affected, the financial performance was remarkably positive. We noted stable SNP unit sales, with improvements in Average Order Value and Revenue Per Visitor under Recipe B.

The transformation was marked by the transition from multiple tools for content management to a streamlined and mobile-friendly approach, making content maintenance easier and more flexible. The redesign made the SNP Homepage responsive, optimizing the user experience for a variety of devices.