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A game-changing innovation that buries the old-school, reactionary approach to IT event management.

Dave Link, ScienceLogic CEO (Business Wire)


ScienceLogic is a leader in AIOps providing modern IT operations with actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world.



Create a relevant solution that enables users to see a real-time picture across the entire IT architecture to prioritize and pinpoint issues related to the potential business impact.


Behavioral Correlation for ScienceLogic SL1 is delivered through tightly integrated core capabilities:

  • A comprehensive, real-time data lake that captures multimodal data types and their relationships
  • The ability to map and visualize IT services, their underlying dependencies, and associated health, availability, and risk
  • Machine-learning techniques that reason over these service topologies to detect the root cause of issues or anomalous behavior, and can recommend actions to address
The end result is a system that provides holistic visibility into complex IT estates through an intuitive, service-centric lens. Decision-makers can quickly understand the impact, root causes, and relative priority – ensuring IT is spending time on what matters most to the business.