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6/2: TOMORROW; never comes until it’s too LATE. Document, Document! Okay, okay, OKAY!
6/3: I’ve been walking too softly for too long. I like stomping. Be prepared. Ground breaking from above.
6/10: when you sleep a night can you feel me trying to dance inside your dream? – Tyler Knott Gregson
6/12: “We didn’t give a shit. It was a part of the fun.” The Night Buffalo. “I liked the idea that a part of one’s body might be thought of as lazy–not thoughtless or hostile, just unwilling to extend itself for the betterment of the team.” Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. They are one of the same breed. That’s if you put vampires and werewolves together. Each unique, but quite the same.
9/14: I’ve gone so long w/o reflection. Like a vampire. Have I no remorse? Actions without reflections. Unseen does not exist? If you don’t address it, does it count? What sins do you pay for if they are unrecognized? Who’s the worse critic?–Harsher than myself. Live without regrets. Or rather with a blinder on. Even a broken mirror; providing more reflection. Or perhaps a broken soul. Lost?
9/15: “Fake. All fake. Set design.” The Night Buffalo. Alright, so if I go backwards I will catchup. Forced reflectionary period. -cliche- you’re bound to repeat the past if you don’t learn from it. “cycles” -honestly, what does that mean. cycle vs just the way shit goes. It’s comfortable; well at times. Rather familiar. Don’t we play the games we know the rules of? The ones we’re good at?
9/16: [insert emotion] today was such a space filler. There’s such a thin line between “fucking awesome” and “shit fucking sucks.” A millisecond could change it all. I love it. “It” being life. I hate it. “It” being life. Control freak I are.
9/22: A challenge is what I need. Not too much. I’m the game not you. Who holds the rules? Well I do of course, but they are made up on the spot. I’m emotional, sensitive, so why cant I live as though? I can.
10/12: Barely two weeks away from Halloween and I’ve already met my fix of gruesome-fuckedup movies (is this possible?!?)

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